Ambullneo Mastiff Puppies Aviailable

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Here are our current Ambullneo Mastiff puppies for sale:

We accept deposits all year round!

Rocky II x Gee Gee:  1 AVAILABLE NOW

  Rocky II is a son of BlackCamo bred to a daughter of the great Raider.   His pups have big bone, high prey drive and are highly intelligent .  He is producing big ,strong, smart, pups. Gee Gee is a Black camo x Bella daughter she has good bone and is very protective.

Rocky II x Big Cartoon: 4 AVAILABLE NOW

  Big Cartoon ( King Kongs sister) Is the biggest female in my kennel. She throws big bone and has produced Males and  females weighing much more then standard.

      Baxter x Misty : 3 AVAILABLE on Nov 25th, 2013


For additional information on our Mastiff puppies and how you can buy your very own Ambullneo Mastiff please contact us by phone or email as soon as possible!

On our website you can buy Mastiff puppies that have been carefully bred and raised in a pristine environment so that you know the puppies are healthy when you come to pick them up. As long as you live in the United States we can ship your puppy anywhere. Our Ambullneo Mastiff puppies are real characters and make some of the best pets, companions, and friends you could ever ask for. If you are a fan of large dogs then the Ambullneo Mastiff is the dog for you. Our breed is loyal, kind, and loving – Absolutely everything you want in a dog of this caliber. If you are looking to buy mastiff puppies look no further as you have come to the right place!